Play-By-Play (n): to describe the action,

tell the stories, and capture the drama

Website Under Construction

January 18, 2019: first came online back in 2007. Its purpose was to promote my play-by-play broadcasting work, and help me earn higher-profile gigs. That effort was successful --- so much so that I have had little time to update the site. (You’ll know this if you visited recently and saw the no-longer-representative 10-year-old demo videos.)


That said, the company that hosted my website, the out-dated, is pulling the plug on their operations, so I had to change to a different host. This is forcing me to update my site... which I will do… when I get time… hopefully in January or February.

Rich Burk's Baseball Scorebooks was (and is) also the home of Rich Burk’s Baseball Scorebooks. And don’t worry… the scorebooks are still available, and can be found on the website of my publisher, Find them here:



As always, I can be reached at